As we approach the Microsoft Business Applications Summit Digital Event, you may have heard Microsoft Business Applications group president James Phillips focus on “Better Together” and how the Power Platform / Dynamics products work better together.  Until now, there hasn’t been a location for resources where customers can learn more about how the products integrate.   

To foster that collaborative spirit, all of the Power Platform communities and the Dynamics 365 community have partnered to create the Better Together Integration forum for you to showcase your cross-application skills and how-to knowledge. 


What is this about: 
These forums highlight HOW the Power Platform and Dynamics products integrate, or work “better together”.  The how-to, use case examples and best practices forums will also automatically be syndicated across ALL the Business Applications Communities.  

Why is this special: 
We’d like to offer this opportunity for you to grow and showcase your expertise with solutions involving more than one Power Platform / Dynamics product. 

This is a great opportunity to grow your reputation across the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 communities – which means 5X the exposure!   

How does it work: 
It’s simple, create posts that share integration solutions that walk a reader through the “How To” of your example.  This content may also be multi-purposed in other ways and opportunities for you (webinars, AMAs, showcase at MBAS).   

If you’re interested contributing “How To” content: 

  1.   Be sure you are registered in one of the Power Platform communities, which share the same login) so that you will get direct credit for your syndicated content across the communities: 
  2.  Prepare and post your content following the guidelines below 


  • Content must showcase a minimum of two Power Platform products: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Dynamics.  
  • Content submitted should include the following sections with an overall focus on “How-To:”
    • Introduction: Which products are being highlighted; what is the task accomplished
    • Demonstration and Instructions:  Pictures or video demonstrating integration with details on the process or steps taken 
    • Better Together Summary:  Summary of benefits/impact - what the integration provides vs. single product usage 

Once your post is ready, simply publish to the Better Together Integration forum. Be sure to add a tag with the product names featured, so your Dynamics 365 community management team can ensure your content is syndicated to the appropriate communities.