If you are in the CRM space in any way shape or form you would have had to have been hiding under a rock today not have noticed that on the eve of Dreamforce, SFDC's existing customer event, Microsoft came out with a very lucrative offer to those currently on competitive solutions and continues to intensify the battle over 'cloud CRM'.  The meat of the message is this, if you are currently on a competitive solution and make the 'switch' to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online............Microsoft will pay your company $200/seat in cash on top of a monthly rate of only $34 per user per month.  $34 per user per month is already a savings of up to 72%.  That is a considerable savings and one that could add up to tens of thousands of dollars or more for some companies.  Michael Park urged customers attending Dreamforce to ask these simple questions when contemplating a switch and taking advantage of this great offer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online:

  • In this economy, how can I justify paying two to three times more for an enterprise CRM system than I need to?
  • Microsoft provides a financially backed 99.9 percent uptime commitment for every Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customer; why does Salesforce.com only provide me with “commercially reasonable efforts” to keep my business running?
  • Having access to the most up-to-date information is critical to my business; why doesn’t Salesforce.com provide real-time access to data and dashboards, refreshed whenever I need it like Microsoft does?
  • Microsoft works great with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office; why does Salesforce.com want me to start from scratch when it comes to productivity tools for my people?
  • Microsoft provides the flexibility for my CRM system to work with other systems whether they run in the cloud or on-premises; why does Salesforce.com lock me into one way of doing things?

The message has garnered a response via Twitter from SFDC CEO Marc Benioff, see below:

Funny thing is, the only retort is an attempt to misinform people that Microsoft is betting against the cloud when that couldn't be further from the truth.  This offer to those on competitive solutions has Microsoft putting its money where its mouth is and going 'all in' in terms of the cloud, hence the name 'Cloud CRM for Less'.  Don't let the rhetoric confuse you.

There is much chatter in the blogosphere today around this, below I have linked to a few that you may find interesting and you can make the call for yourself which solution is the better choice:

For more information on the offer visit the CRM For Less site, or to hear from others on whey they made the switch, visit DontGetForced.com.

Andy Leapaldt | Microsoft Dynamics Community Team