There are often situations when working in Dynamics 365 where you need to create a new record very similar to an existing record. More commonly referred as the ability to Clone Records.

For example, when creating a new Contact you may have a spouse, relative, neighbor or friend that results in similar data e.g. last name, city, street, home phone number or anything else. So to achieve this out-of-the-box results in manually creating the new record yourself, or at best copy/pasting a lot of field values.

What if you need to make 10 or 20 identical records? Will you consume time by adding data manually on each record? Not now.

We streamlined the ability to clone a record in a way that users can configure the entities/attributes easily, and can mimic the record by hitting one button. Really? Yes. Let’s start it.

Clone Records Setup

  • Navigate to Settings -> Clone Records

  • Create a new record

  • In new record form, users can set things up using only 3 fields.
    Entity: To select Entity, on which user wants to clone the record. [Some system-restricted entities have been excluded]
    Attributes: To select Fields, that should be cloned/auto-populate on the cloned record. [Some attributes have been excluded]
    Append to: To add the field (String types only) on which user can see prefix “Copy of” on clone record.


  • On selecting the entity it populates append to field with the primary field of the entity
    This is where we will add the “Copy Of” text when you clone.
    This can be changed using the option set to suit your requirements.


  • Let’s add the attributes/fields, that we want to auto populate on the clone record based on the existing record.

  • Once you hit the save button, it saves the record with the schema name of selected entity.

  • Once this configuration record exists in the Clone Record entity, it enables the user to see the Clone Record button on the form.

  • Otherwise user can’t see the Clone Record button.

  • I have added contact entity with below attributes/fields to auto-populate and changed Append to attribute to First Name. Save the record. Now magic begins.

  • Open any contact record and hit the Clone Record button.
    Here we go! It opens a window with the proposed clone record with the pre-populated fields, that we added in the configuration.



D365 Clone Records (v1.0.0.0) works faster on standard type fields as cloning attributes. Adding multiple “lookup” fields is supported, but will inevitably have an effect on performance.



In a nutshell, now users can clone the record with pre-populated fields by using D365 Clone Record solution. Moreover, you can clone the cloned record.



For enquiries, feel free to ask us.

Happy Cloning.

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