Since I do a lot of integration from Dynamics 365 to ERP applications, I use the Sales Order Processing Integration feature a lot. It is a hidden feature in the Organization entity. This is a boolean field that is called isSOPintegrated. When enabled, this feature makes light changes to the Sales Order entity in the command bar.

Microsoft brought out a cool new feature to integrate Dynamics 365 and Dynamics NAV with the use of default NAV code. When enabling this feature in NAV and connecting is to your Dynamics 365 instance, it sets the Sales Order Processing Integration to Enabled.

Sales Order Processing Integration Disabled

The default value for Sales Order Processing Integration is Disabled. The command bar on the Sales Order entity looks like this.

Sales Order Processing Integration Enabled

When you change the value of this feature to Enabled, the Delete, Create Invoice and Fulfill Order buttons are no longer there. In addition, the button Submit Order is added.

The bug

Basically, this is it. There is nothing else this feature should do. However, from CRM version upwards (Online only) somehow Microsoft screwed this feature up. In CRM you now get a nasty error when trying to create a new Order. Due to this very serious error, you cannot create an Order anymore! The error message you get is “State code or status code is invalid. 1 is not a valid status code for state code SalesOrderState.Submitted on salesorder with Id” and it looks like this:

I logged a ticket with Microsoft Support. Let’s hope they fix this real quick.

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