This blog explains how to create Record in CRM using PowerApps with Microsoft flow.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Create Blank App.
  2. Insert Label, Text Input and Button controls.(Fields which you want to create in CRM.)
  3. Select the Button (Add To CRM) and go to Action –> Flows.
  4. Click on Create a New Flow.
  5. Click on New step –> Add an Action.
  6. Select Dynamics 365 –> Create a new record.
  7. Enter the Organization Name and Select the Entity for which you want to create record in CRM.
    1. For Last Name, click on “Ask in PowerApps”.
    2. Repeat for Email and First Name.
    3. For Description we will add text.
  8. Give Name to the flow and Create Flow.
  9. Now change the OnSelect Property of button.(here lastname, firstname and email are the name of text input control)
  10. Enter Details and Click on Button.
  11. Record will get created in CRM. Description:

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