Spring 2017 update to Dynamics 365 is coming up in July 2017. And there are exciting new additions and improvements coming to Dynamics 365 For Sales. Here are the highlights on what’s up next –

LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Improve performance of their sales processes from LinkedIn Company and Sales profiles

  • Display Navigator person and company information on Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity pages.
  • Automatic daily updates between the two systems.
  • Write select Sales Navigator activities (InMails, messages, notes and call logs) to D365 For Sales.

D365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms (only if you use Lead Gen Forms for LinkedIn):

  • Bring LinkedIn Leads to D365 Online using this connector. Automatically captures and syncs leads to further nurture them.
  • Support for multiple LinkedIn member accounts.
  • Configure how Leads will be captured.
  • Analyze Lead performance.

Prospect to Cash Integration:

  • Connect D365 For Sales and D365 For Operations using Common Data Service.
  • Maintain Accounts in Sales and sync to Operations as Customers.
  • Sync Contacts
  • Sync Products from D365 for Operations and sync them to Sales.
  • Create Quotes in D365 for Sales and sync them to Operations.
  • Generate Sales Orders in Sales for existing Productions and sync them to Operations.
  • Generate Invoice in Operations and sync them to Sales.

Relationship Analytics:

  • Relationship health
  • Most Contacted
  • Relationship KPIs

Dynamics 365 Administrator Role in Office 365:

Assign D365 Admin role at a tenant level. Can manage instances and admin functions, access D365 application if they are licensed.

Bulk Data Loader: 

New cloud based service for bulk import/export to cloud staging tables and perform light data-quality functions. Then push back to Dynamics 365. Will be accessed from a link in Admin Center and will redirect of LCS.

Cortana Integration:

Surface relevant Activities, Accounts and Opportunities to Salespeople.

Customer backup and restore (online only):

Customer backup and restore on Azure servers securely.

Database Level Encryption with Customer Managed Keys:

Ability for customers to generate their own keys and upload it to Azure Key Vault. Also revoke access on demand in a self-service manner.

Portal Features

  1. Ability to Include attachments on knowledge articles so that they can be displayed on the Portal.
  2. Improved Admin Wizard on Portal to add an entity to the Portal. When data is updated in the entity, it will be automatically available to Portal users who have access to these data.
  3. Source Code for Portals will be available on the Microsoft Download Center under MIT license for developers to download. This will let Portals be deployed for D365 Online as well as on-premise environments.
  4. Support Azure Ad-B2C for Portal authentication using a single sign-on configuration
    • Configure portal authentication for SSO.
    • Manage Portal security in Azure.
  5. Support Timezone independent date formats in Portal forms. This means that


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