Firstly, we want to thank each of you who has been looking to try out the Dynamics Health Accelerator but have had issues with Demo and Trial Environments. For those in production instances you would have already noticed that we increased the custom entity count to 1500. But for those whom were trying to leverage the Health Accelerator in a trial or demo environment you would have unfortunately run into a failure on install due to a limitation of 300 custom entities.

This support is being provided not just for accelerator's but for any solutions installed as part of trials and demos.

Verify Trial or Demo Instance Custom Entity Count Increased to 1500

As with production we have updated, effectively immediately that all trial and demo instances will also support 1500 custom entities. You can verify this easily by doing the following:

  • Open Settings \ Administration
  • Select “Resources in Use”
  • You should see the below, which will show how many custom entities your instance currently has

After verifying the number of entities and that you can have up to 1500, please try to install the Health Accelerator again.

Thank you for your support and feedback.