Power BI is one of the most extraordinary features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365. Power BI, if used effectively, can lead to innumerable business improvements. The Power BI offers an all-encompassing, self-service analytics solution. The main functionality of this feature is that it automatically refreshes the data showcased in the Dynamics 365.

Power BI is nothing but an amazing suite of business analytics programs which help the users to not only analyze data but share valuable insights. This program is very solid and all-encompassing solution which is ready for broad modeling and real-time analytics. It is also perfect for custom development. Power BI is a wonderful platform for the business analysts also help to create a plenty of different analytical reports and make amendments to make them perfect for the demands of the present time. Combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI allow the users to flawlessly customize the work-spaces with tiles. Also, add links to their existing and new reports which are the host on the Power BI’s own website. The integration has made it very easy for the Dynamics 365 users to get reach all of their Power BI without any hassle.

Analyze Data with ease using Power BI

When it comes to working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage a team or to sell projects, the user has to have a complete overview of the ongoing situation for the company to grow and succeed. Without jotting a single line of code, the user can very quickly adjust the way you analyze your data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the help of Power BI reports.

Power BI helps you to:

  • Gain the useful API from all the CRM instances properly
  • Analyze the data directly from the Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Embed precise tiles from the reports in the Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 one of the most remarkable tools which used to not only store information about the sales performance, customer interaction, service management etc., But it has a vast variety of uses. Dynamics 365 can integrate with IoT and a series of other interesting cloud services. Subsequently, you can even create a solid system of all the IoT devices.

Data visualization and Power BI

Power BI is also known to make the data more useful. This further results in greater insights. Bu combining the Power BI with Dynamics 365 data visualizations can create, which can further help to represent the data in the better way. A collaboration between Power Bi with Dynamics 365 can result in better data visualization. Power BI smoothens the method of extracting and depicting the data in dynamic and very engaging data visualizations, with the help of some of the best easy drag-and-drop functionality and we know that we can start it without writing any code, this makes it all the more powerful.

More benefits of Power BI

  • Power Bi help you to make your own analysis with the help of Excel. You can use the same data which you have within the Power BI.
  • Automatic data refresh is one of the most preferred features.
  • Report publishing feature is also quite helpful as it enables the users to fetch the newest information.
  • Reforming the enterprise data into rich visuals which are impactful and engaging.
  • This also helps in extracting business intelligence for better decision-making.
  • Smooth integration of charts and data visualizations in the Dynamics 365 dashboards.


Power BI regarded as one of the best business intelligence tools which can combine with Dynamics 365 Services to offer a more solid solution which is extremely useful in reporting and analysis. Power BI is a fantastic tool which is majorly used for visualizing data. It enables the users to smoothly access and analyze the performance of your sales and service etc. It even helps the marketing teams to study the marketing data in a company.