This is the shortest blog I have ever written so far. One of my clients asked to rename OOB Case entity to Ticket and all the references where Case was mentioned should be replaced by Ticket.

Ordinary Solution

Typically, all of us start to modify the display name wherever we see the Case.

This approach is time consuming and finding all the references where the text Case is mentioned is very difficult.

Trick/Better Solution

  1. Create temporary solution.
  2. Include the entity you want to modify (Case in our scenario).
  3. Include dependent required components in the solution.
  4. Export solution as unmanaged solution.
  5. Extract the zip and open customizations.xml file in Visual Studio.
  6. Replace all the occurrences of Case to Ticket (Note: DO NOT UPDATE SCHEMA NAMES/LOGICAL NAMES. ONLY UPDATE DISPLAY NAMES).
  7. Convert the folder (with updated customizations.xml) to ZIP.
  8. Upload the solution again and publish the customizations.
  9. That’s it.