If you have been using Dynamics 2016 or Dynamics 365 then you are probably a fan of the new navigation menus. But have you made a habit of  using the Recently Used Items button?  It can be a real time saver when you work with lots of different record types within CRM.  If you do, have you built your own custom CRM Menu?

When you click on the Recent Used Items button, two lists drop down from the ribbon. On the left side are recent Dashboards and Views.  On the left side are recently accessed records. So the trick to making a personal menu is to take advantage of pinning. Just like you can pin your preferred dashboards and your preferred views for each record, you can also pin your frequently accessed records on the recent items button. Pinning these items is simple - just click on the pushpin icon. The items that  you have pinned will stay in the list until you unpin them.

In the example below I have selected to Pin three views - My Open Cases, Accounts and Opportunities. I can now quickly navigate between the three most used sections of our CRM. I've also pinned records on the left hand side for Accounts and a Dashboard I frequently access.

So there you have it - a quick way to build a personal menu - I can see this becoming the most common way for your users to navigate around CRM. You just have to let them know that it is possible!

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