Is your CRM not working properly? Before you look at other solutions, think about a CRM rescue and repair. There are many signs that you need a Dynamics 365 Rescue or Repair.

Signs that you may be in need of a Dynamics 365 rescue or repair

  • Do your sales workflows still align with your changing business processes?
  • Is your CRM not filling its old potential?
  • Are you struggling to increase user adoption?
  • Do your salespeople complain about CRM making their lives more difficult instead of easier?
  • Do you have an issue with your employees entering contacts, opportunities, or other vital information into CRM?
  • Are you getting high-quality data from your CRM?
  • Are you seeing duplicate or bad data?
  • Is your CRM providing you with important data to help you improve the way you do business?
  • Are you seeing significant gains from your CRM system?

If you identified any of these as issues as a problem, it might be time for a Dynamics 365 rescue or repair.

Dynamics 365 Rescue

A rescue might be needed if your CRM is simply not being properly utilized by all of your employees. User adoption is the biggest indicator of the productivity of your CRM. A CRM is a big investment and you want your employees to use it and for it to make their lives easier, not more difficult. If your sales team is bypassing entering leads and opportunities, that is a problem!  The answer to this issue might be gamification, further employee training, or integrating data from your website into CRM.

Dynamics 365 Repair

Repair is different than rescue in that your CRM is being actively used, but it just doesn’t seem as productive as it should be. Possibly you are not getting the information you need. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is designed to provide you with valuable information to manage the productivity of your sales, marketing. In order to ensure a successful CRM deployment, it is important to first understand defining key success metrics, and refining business processes. If you feel that you are not getting all that you can out of your CRM system, you need to speak to an experienced consultant, such as silver certified enCloud9 to make sure that your CRM is on track.


Dynamics 365 Rescue and Repair from enCloud9

Dynamics 365 rescue and repair is a process enCloud9 has deployed to help CRM users get the most out of their existing Dynamics CRM and 365 system. Our process is straighforward. We learn about your business, how you use Dynamics CRM or 365 today, and what you see as the shortfalls that need to be addressed. We will usually demo a plain vanilla or lightly customized Dynamics 365 system as we have found that many times, CRM users may not know of the many improvements and features added to Dynamics 365 over the years. Seeing Dynamics 365 with the fresh eyes of a clean system usually triggers new ideas and new ways to bring processes into Dynamics 365. After identifying the reason for failure, we put a plan in place and bring in an experienced team to turn your project around.  Our goal is to get your CRM back on track. Contact us today at 1-844-264-0729  and we will deliver a tactical rescue plan that promises a quick return on your investment.   Click here to learn more about our Dynamics 365 Rescue and Repair service. To see some specific examples of clients we have helped in their digital transformations, visit our client success page.

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