I cannot imagine any Dynamics 365 implementation without writing any Plug-ins. I still remember Day 2 of the first-ever project & I was told to write a plug-in. Plug-ins add another level of customization to the project & may increasing complexity depending upon how they have been written. So, coming to today’s blog Admin Portal of Power Platform has a Plug-ins tab to add ease to the analytics & insights for developers.

You can browse the URL for checking the insights – https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/

You can see the Pass rate of your plugin & number of executions as well. Executions define the total number of times the plugins were called overtime.

You can then scroll to see the most active plugins, average plugin execution time & top plugins by failure.

So that is short & sweet on plugins. We will next check out on API calls statistics

You can reach out to Microsoft Support here

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