Most newbies do not know how and where to get started from, so this is a simple blog to get your hands on dynamics 365 via a trial account. No bragging, let's start it to the point...

This is the link that would lead you to creating a trial account:

You will be asked to fill in the required details and after verification via text message or call on your given contact number, you must be ready ready with your trial account. Login with the credentials. After landing on the home screen click on the ‘All admin centers’ link, and then click on the ‘Dynamics 365’ area.

Here you can see all the information about your D365 environment.

If you click on the Open button, you will get a list of all published apps and you can even create a new one.

If you notice, u will see WEB / UNIFIED INTERFACE written against each app. With Dynamics 365 – custom it is written WEB which means this is the webrefresh version.

But before that you need to check your settings, navigate to Settings>>Administration>>System Settings

Selecting the NO option in Use the new Unified Interface only will let you open legacy app in Webrefresh version. You can even change the name of the webrefresh legacy app from the Show legacy Dynamics 365 – custom app.

See, now the app has been renamed.

More in next blog, please provide your valuable feedback