Today I have published version 2018.2.2.7 of my XrmToolBox plugin.  The purpose of this plugin is to make it easy to download and backup attachments in CRM.  This release is a major release as it is the first built version with all pieces working.  The first version only had note downloads working.

Overview of Plugin:
How To Use The Tool:
  1. Launch XRMToolBox.
  2. Connect to organization.
  3. Step 1, choose what you want to download. (Once a choice is made, Step 2 becomes usable)
    1. Notes - Download attachments from note entity.
    2. E-Mail - Download attachments from emails.
    3. Both - Downloads attachments from notes and emails entities.
  4. Step 2, choose if you want to download all attachments in the system or specific attachments.  
    1. All Attachments - This will search the chosen entity to find all records that have an attachment and download them.
      1. Click on "Browse" and choose where to download the attachments too.
    2. Specific Attachments - You will need to provide a .csv file with a GUID(s) of the records you want to download.
      1. Click on "Browse" and choose the .csv file to use.  Attachments will be downloaded to the same location as the .csv file.
  5. Step 3. click on "Run".
  6. When complete, in step 4 click on "Export Results".  This will export the data in the output area into a pipe delimited (|) .csv file.
  • Note attachments are stored in a "Note Attachments" folder at the download location chosen.
  • Email attachment are stored in a "Email Attachments" folder at the download location chosen.
  • Inside the folder mentioned above are other folders.  The folder for each of these sub-folders is the GUID of the source record (Note / Email).  This way we can maintain the relationship of the records.  Within this folder are the attachment(s).
If you run into any issues with this plugin please report the issue against the GitHub Project.