The best way to predict your future is to create it !!!

I have came across a query from some of my friends that what is the future of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be specific how the JOBs in this career will be demanding in future?

But I did not have an answer because I never thought of this questions existence and after that I googled a lot of thing to find the answer and I got my answer. I am sharing my thought here so that anybody has the same questions. amaz.pngThe point I want to make here is to tell you “Relax !!!! The Future of Dynamics CRM Technology and JOBS are SAFE and Will be Amazing.” The below points will prove you the same to believe my statement.

The Microsoft Technology Impact on society & Corporate World

This not a new thing that we are going to discuss the impact of Microsoft on day-to-day life. Being the first real software company Microsoft did put a PC on every desk and in every home.  No one can forget the transition from  Windows 95 to Windows 10.


Starting from the home to corporate field the impact of windows is beyond imagination. Additionally The Microsoft Office software has no alternative. Everybody loves the easiness of its performance and capability.

In the same way Microsoft Dynamics CRM has higher impact on corporate world. Starting from a small scale industry to large scale business, the customer is the source of business and managing these customers data is very essential.

We have all seen the transition from the very first version of Dynamics CRM to the latest brand new version of CRM with Cloud Technology. Don’t you think its amazing !!!!


Microsoft is always three steps ahead. The TAB version, CRM Mobility is just fantastic which gives on the go CRM.

So CRM is impacting great in corporate world making the business a higher growth rate and consequently making our JOBs Safe because corporates need us to work with !!!!

If there is Business, there is a CRM and there is a CRM Consultant. Cheers…

Integration easiness with native software and third party software

The Microsoft Office Suite is one the best software we have ever had which has no alternative. 99% office and corporate world use this suite for day-to-day official activities starting from document creation to appointment & Meeting booking, the list is endless.

Dynamics CRM is flawlessly integrates with Microsft Office Suit. Now you can imagine the possibilities after integration. Now you can manage all customers with Office and CRM suit in one platform. Is not it great. !!!


Microsoft SharePoint is also the best document management system for all corporate world. This provides a ease to maintain the official documents and knowledge base.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with SharePoint with out any custom code. You just configure on set up that’s it. Now you can think of the possibilities !!! WOOOW…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also integrated easily with Dynamics Packages like Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL and Power BI without any problems. I feel excited while writing this article because I am in love with the Microsoft Technologies and its integration easiness and impacts on life.


Now you can decide why the future of Dynamics brand and JOBs are bright & SAFE !!!

If you love MS Windows, You love Office, You love CRM and your JOB is SAFE.

Microsoft is thinking beyond imagination and its for you

Every day and every second Microsoft is thinking for new innovation. The legacy of Microsoft is known to everybody. Every year Microsoft releases new versions of every daily use software with excellent and mind blowing features.

I always look forward for new versions of every software suite of Microsoft because in the new version definitely something new features are introduced which meets the anticipation of target end users.  Microsoft is thinking of you So Don’t Worry.

The developers network, forums, online resources and lot more info is available.


When someone awesome is thinking for you then relax and sit back and do your work and Your future JOB is SAFE !!!  :)

Someone is thinking for you so you are safe.

Market Growth & Competitors Analysis

Market growth of Dynamics Brand is amazing. Sales force is a competitor for Dynamics CRM. But Microsoft legacy UI components play important role by making Dynamics product in demand.

read full story here

Online Presence Learning forums, Resources  & channels

There are endless online resources for Dynamics product, Online Tutorials, Forums, Channels and Technet, Blogs are information rich for CRM.

checkout the topmost websites related to CRM.

Microsoft Prompt Support

Microsoft is very attentive to answer the queries of customers. Support tickets for Microsoft is resolved quickly by the expert teams.

Raise ticket here.

Job opportunities and salary

In these days there is a high demand for Dynamics CRM Consultants both Technical and Functional. Techno-functional is in hot demand.

You can apply for the jobs by following the JOB portals or LinkedIn Channel.

Here you can find a salary reviews for Dynamics CRM Consultants.

salary survey 

Career Fall out Plans if not Dynamics CRM

As we know for Dynamics CRM, .Net is required so the fall out plan can allow to be a dot net developer.

Ability of Dynamics CRM and its Extension Power

Native integration and flexible integration scopes makes Dynamics CRM more powerful. Integration with ERP softwares like AX  and Job scheduling softwares like Click makes the system very powerful.

The Combine Power

Parature + Microsoft+ LinkedIn + CortonaAI

I hope now you are confident about the future of Dynamics CRM. Relax Microsoft needs you and your contribution to create the bright future of Dynamics CRM. As long as you are positive towards Microsoft the present and future will always be SAFE !!! Enjoy..