FourVision’s Implementation Consultant, Konica Dixit, is a long time resident of Utrecht, Netherlands. She hails from India, and was born in Agra, the city of love, that hosts ‘The Taj Mahal’.

Konica strongly believes that the foundation of her achievements to date lie in her extensive educational background and in her pragmatic approach towards life. She attended a catholic convent school, earning a Bachelors in Science from Agra University and later a Masters in Human Resources Management from the prestigious college of Mumbai University.

Konica started her career as a Technical Support Executive, but soon realized that she was in the wrong place. Always a people person, she was fascinated with HR work,  or to be more precise, that of a Recruiter. She was determined to follow her passion, so she dived deep into the world of HR and gained in-depth knowledge in doing so. After finishing her studies, she started working as a Recruiter and learned the tactics of the game. She later joined another organization as HR Assistant Manager where she handled a bit of everything - recruitment, onboarding programs, HR queries etc. 

In the winter of 2013, Konica along with her family moved to The Netherlands. For the next few years her career took a backseat to the duties of motherhood, and she recalls it as the best time of her life with her little one!

Then in 2017 FourVision happened. In this organization she found her true calling and it allowed her an opportunity to showcase her talent and skills. The first year in the job wasn’t easy, but it indeed was a lot of fun. Each day taught a new lesson and presented tougher challenges, that in the end broadened her horizons. 

Konica has over 6 years of HR experience, of which the last 3 years have been life changing as she grows in her role as a Techno-functional consultant, and has acquired the MS D365 for Talent certification.

"The Dynamics community provides an enriching experience to all its members in some way or the other. It is a one-stop platform, that facilitates getting queries resolved, while at the same time serves as a tool for consultant to get their solutions verified, and for some, gives an opportunity to contribute and help other fellow Dynamics lovers/ professionals by sharing knowledge. It serves different purposes for different people, but it is the common link: the passion for Dynamics, that bring us all here."

Konica, MS certified HR Consultant

We are excited to recognize Konica as our October 2020 Community Spotlight honoree. She is a valuable contributor in the forums, providing many suggested and verified answers for community members - nice work! Show your appreciation for Konica by liking, sharing or commenting on this post, or connecting on LinkedIn.