I am a Microsoft Dynamics CRM functional specialist, founder of MS Dynamics Certified (an online school where I offer courses to help students prepare for their certification exams) and proud Dynamics Community member. I spend quite a bit of time answering questions of newer members who are getting started on their Dynamics career and want to get certified. I also help community moderators in their duty to ensure that only relevant study resources are promoted on the forum.

I am proud to be from Montreal, a vibrant bilingual and multicultural city in Canada. It is a food hub due to its diverse heritage and is one of the best cities in the world to have a great meal. We did not invent the first computer, but you can thank Montreal for inventing IMAX technology and in-flight entertainment.

I think the Dynamics Community is the best place where we can learn from one another and ask questions that will further our knowledge of technologies. Everyone on this forum will be very happy to help other members, whether you want to know the first step towards getting certified or create a complex plugin.

Vicky Rodgers

To connect with Vicky visit her profile page and send a friend request. We promise she doesn't bite.