I am Yusuf Ergün Şahin. I am a Dynamics AX developer with 10 years of experience. I've supported more than 50  companies (large and small, long and short) in 10 years. I have developed in versions 4 to 365. I am an expert in Axapta 2009 and AX 2012 versions, and proficient in 365FO (lots to learn).

When I first started working as an AX developer, I learned a lot from the community. Later, I realized that I could find the answer to every question I was looking for in the AX forum. For years I asked and AX replied; until I began development in 365FO - I asked 365FO but he didn't understand me  : )

Naturally, I looked for a resource to answer my questions and returned to the community. But this time was different from my first visit - I realized that I could also answer questions. Knowing from my experience that providing an answer that will only take me a few minutes but will save the day for someone, I started answering questions while I was learning.

"I'm here to learn, and the community has proven to me every day, time and again, that I'm in the right place."

Yusuf Ergün Şahin, Developer

We are excited to recognize Ergün Şahin as our January 2022 Community Spotlight honoree! He's been a valuable contributor of suggested and verified answers in the forums, and we appreciate his support!