Hi all

We need to use a dll as payment interface, so this is why we don´t implement the end-to-end payment tutorial, to achieve this we decided do it by ModerPOS which is based in TypeScript.

We override the PrePaymentTrigger because it's cancelable so it suppose that if the interface returns an error or non-success response we could cancel the payment process.

I have never work with typescript/javascript  so I'm finding some problems programing on this SDK.

In the image we wrote some code to test a conditional response, it worked, even we could debug the code, it was performed from line 49 to line 63

In order to test a custom executable program (because we plane to call the assembly from this executable) we wrote the code in line 37 and forward, in that case we don't get any response/error, the breakpoints don't hit and it seems that the error doesn't cancel the operation.

If somebody could tell us what's wrong, we will appreciate it

Thanks in advance

Jose Fuentes