Good Morning everyone,

WIthin mPOS we currently have several PowerApps that are embedded.  The issue we're experiencing is that these do not auto sign in.  Even though the domain user that's logged on to the device, is the same user that is set within the 'Operating Unit' and has permissions to launch the powerapp, it prompts for a login each time it's clicked through.

I therefore started to think about whether I need to build a Flow so that when the button is pressed, instead of going straight in to the Powerapp, it'll run some commands in the background to essentially login the user, with single sign on (sso) or similar, and then the powerapp will launch on screen, without the user needing to do anything additional.  

The whole reason behind this is that the person using the device will not be aware of the domain user password, as it's going to be controlled centrally.

Has anyone done this before, or knows of a solution?  I wonder whether it could be a bug at this time or if this is as expected?