Hello folks,

I am migrating an on prem environment to cloud and working on migration  emails. I am using SSIS with Kingswaysoft tools.

I notice that the To, CC and from fields include GUIDs inside other text. For example:

[{"PartyId":"75ffe25a-0997-e711-a94d-00155d93a92a","Name":"Fred Flinstone","Type":"systemuser"}]

Of course the GUID for systemusers are not going to be the same between environments. The only way I can see this working is to parse out this field and replace it with the GUIDs for these users in the new system. This is exacerbated by the fact that some users are no longer around so there is no equivalent user in the new system. 

My thinking is that would dump all this data into SQL, create a crossreference table of old to new GUID and then write a SPROC to do the replacement. Then I can link this to the entity when i migrate it. 

Has anyone had experience with this? Any suggestions?