Hi ,

I am trying to Filter the  total count based on type of lead Source available in ms CRM (online), like A,B,C,D,E,F

based on the selection  of lead type "A" from the drop down  i want to show the total lead available in leadsource  "A".by using FetchXML SSRS.

and another thing is combination of Lead source A&B will be Count and displayed in report as "Direct" ,and remaining  lead source C,D,E  will be count and Displayed in report as "Indirect"

but here  i want to display the total leads in "Direct" and "Indirect" Column which is working fine  when  we  select "All" in lead source but when i select Lead Source 'A' or "B",

i want to  show only Lead source total under  "A" Lead source. how can achieve this.