As the platform moves to fully embrace the Unified Interface, customers using first and third party apps need to make sure they are picking up versions of their solutions which are built to take advantage of the improvements that the updated platform offers. The Field Service team released a Unified-Interface-only version of the application in August 2018. This version of Field Service (v8.x) has introduced many new features, performance improvements, interface enhancements, and other stability improvements. The product team is eager for all Field Service customers to see the benefits of all these investments.

We have recently released a Dynamics 365 Field Service Upgrade Playbook that should help organizations transition from legacy Field Service (v6.x and v7.x) to Field Service on the Unified Interface (v8.x). The Playbook aims to:

  • Help initiate the conversation
    • Explaining why to initiate the upgrade
    • Explaining what the Unified Interface
    • Sharing the improvements within the interface
  • Provide tactical instructions for how to explore the upgrade
    • Setting up a Sandbox
    • Testing the upgrade
    • Testing your web and mobile applications
  • Provide insights and guidance around the specific Field Service upgrade
    • Planning for the upgrade
    • Areas to which organizations may want to pay close attention
    • Executing the upgrade
    • Evaluating success

The end of support deadline for our legacy versions of Field Service is quickly approaching. After January 31 2020, customers still running legacy versions of Field Service will find it difficult to get support for any potential Field Service issues they face until they upgrade. In addition to product support being removed, please also note that after October 1, 2020 the legacy web client will no longer be available and therefore legacy versions of Field Service will cease to function as expected.

Microsoft aims to make this upgrade as smooth as possible and there are many benefits to the latest field service application, including:

Get started now and download the playbook to help navigate the next steps to adopting this exciting upgrade: