Microsoft Virtual Agent for Customer Service: Trigger Phrases 

We have created our Topic which is fine, But how do we get the party started? This is done by a "Trigger Phrase"

A Trigger phrase is what the end user starts the conversation with on opening the chat bot. Once the Trigger Phrase is detected it will then send you down that Topic path. When i have been creating them recently i have found that it is much better at picking up the phrases and putting you in the right topic, but you need to make sure that your Trigger Phrases are as 'Catch All' as they can be.

Use short sharp phrases no more than 5 words (Microsoft advises no more than 3) and the more trigger phrases you have the better, you just need to make sure they do not conflict with any other Topics you have.

So lets get into the action

1) We will Go into Topics so we can select the Topic Path we want to add the Trigger Phrases for.

2) Grab the Topic you want to change or add Phrases for.

3) Lets add as many relevant Trigger Phrases as we can, Remember no more than 5 words and make them as semantically different as you can.  REMEMBER TO CLICK ADD!

4) SAVE SAVE SAVE! I always forget - Please don't

5) Ping your Demo website and check if your new Trigger Phrase kick in.