Hello All,

Spring Wave Field Service 2018 Release is now globally deployed and, following the steps below, you can opt-in to build a new org using this new release.

This version of Field Service ONLY works on the new Unified Interface and has significant functional enhancements around Unified Interface based experiences, new Schedule Board experiences including the new Schedule Board List View, customer asset associated 3D content capabilities, and more.

The Unified Interface has significant improvements over the web-client interface which has driven the user experience in Dynamics for the several years. Despite the improvements in this new interface, we recognize that switching over to the Unified Interface may represent a challenge for your users who have become familiar with the web client. To ease that transition, for this major version release, you will have the choice of OPTING-IN to try the new UCI-based 8.x.x.x generation of the Field Service application. In the meantime, you can continue running and updating the 7.x version of Field Service that works with the web client.  

To Opt-in:
1. Please access the Dynamics Insider Portal here: http://experience.dynamics.com/insider
2. Log in with your Insider credentials
3. On the Insider Home Page, In the Search Box of “Upcoming and Active Programs” section, Search for a program with the name “Dynamics 365 for Field Service Unified Interface Release”
4. Click that program link in the search results and choose to “Join Now” in the page that opens. This will add you as a participant to the program.
5. On the Program page, access the link provided to sign up:  “Signup Link to opt-in for the Field Service UCI Release (GA)
6. The link will open a simple questionnaire and one of the questions is the instance URL. Please provide the URL of the instance where you need to install Field Service version
Note: For a smooth install experience, please make sure that the Org that are choosing to enable the install of Field Service meets all the pre-requisites listed on the Insider Program page “Dynamics 365 for Project Service Unified Interface Release”
7. Microsoft will receive the details you provide and, within a few days, will enable the install of Field Service on the Org that you provided. Once enabled, you will receive a confirmation email from Microsoft.
8. Once you receive the email, you can access Dynamics 365 Admin portal to install Field Service on the Org that you provided.
Note: Field Service version will only be available for install on the Org that you provided. It will not show up for any other Org even if it is on the same tenant.

For any questions and discussion on the functionality, please use the Forums on the program page and use the Microsoft Support process to log any issues/bugs.