After only a few weeks into using MS Dynamics FSM, I am trying to complete a simple update on the Inventory Journal.  I have a reference number (Site ID) that we are populating against both PO and Transfer/Adjustments.  I would like this to be visible in the Active Inventory Journal View for our users to complete quick troubleshooting, allowing them to track how Inventory is flowing through the system and to the field.   However, given the nature of Products transacting as either Purchase Order Products and Inventory Adjustment Products, this information can be placed in the Inventory Journal view as a two columns.  My ideal is that they populate through to a single column for filtering purposes and a better UX.  Not condoning the following as the best Architectural approach, but my user's experience is key.

I thought I would setup a field at the Inventory Journal level and use a 1:N Relationship from the Inventory Adjustment Product mapped to this new field on the Inventory Journal followed by setting up another 1:N Relationship from Purchase Order Products mapped to this same new field.  At present, this mapping is coming back empty, even though I can clearly see these two fields using the Inventory Adjust Product and Purchase Order Product relationships when completing an Advanced Find against the Inventory Journal.  Yet no population into my single Inventory Journal field.

Any ideas on why a simple relationship won't work?  Also, happy to approach this a completely different way, as long as it gives an "in system" outcome for my users (the look and feel of in-system, of course).

Thanks in advance.