I am having issues when trying to view my Field Service Work Order products and services within the Invoice Word Template description. I am able to close a Work order and generate an invoice, and can see all of the products and services within the Invoice view within Dynamics 365, but when trying to view them in the Word template, it seems the description does not exist.

After doing some digging, I found that it seems to be a problem with Write-In products compared to Existing products. I am able to add an existing product directly into the invoice and can view it in the Word template. But, any Write-in product/service on the invoice is not displaying on the Word template for Invoices.

Is there a way to either import products and services from Work Orders as existing products(Preferrable, as I would like to also display the description and internal description from the services within W/O's onto the Invoice word template also), or simply display a Write-in Product onto the description field of the Invoice Word Template?