In the video below I will demonstrate how easy it is to insert data from any JSON endpoint using the Power Automate "Parse JSON" feature.

The feature also lets you deduce the scheme of the JSON response body through a sample of the JSON payload.

At run-time, the "Parse JSON" step also validates the content data against the schema and throws an error if the data is not aligned.

All the above can be achieved using the user-friendly power automate U.I. and without having to be a developer or wirte one single line of code,

Having any data you need from your custom data source in the common data service is a big win. Your data is now in a smart respository and accessible via other Power Automate Flows, PowerApps, Dynamics 365 Customer engagement apps and a variety of other cloud services. You can also ship the data to Azure Data Lake - ADLS, again without writing any code or move the data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations using the Dual-write feature.

The "Parse JSON" step is also used by the "When a Business Event occurs" Power Automate Template which triggers when a business event is fired from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. In the below example, a business event related to Subscription Billing is triggered from our custom subscription module in FinOps which is AppSource certified by Microsoft. In this use-case when a subscription is up for renewal a business event is generated to trigger a power automate flow which will inform the customer that the subscription is up for renewal.

In this case the JSON definition is downloaded from FinOps itself and pasted into the "Generate from sample" window. This exposes the properties exposed by the FinOps business events as referencable variables within the Power Automate Flow!