In this blog post, we are going to see an example of how to receive a batch controlled advanced warehouse item using handheld device. We will receive multiple quantities (boxes) at once without having to enter the batch number multiple times. Do know that if batch number varies, it can be received using different batch numbers as well.



1.      Create an item which is batch controlled.

a.      Few things to consider while setting up item:

                                                    i.     Items enabled for advanced warehousing processes can't allow blank issue or blank receipt of batch number.

                                                   ii.     Reservation hierarchy is setup so that batch is under location so it can be selected during product receipt.

                                                  iii.     Unit sequence group is set for Ea-Box-PL (Each / Box / Pallet)

                                                  iv.     Unit conversion is setup per below


2.      Create a purchase order with 90 quantities and confirm the purchase order

3.      Purchase order receiving on Mobile device:

a.      A menu item is configured to use purchase order line item receiving, launch mobile device and select purchase order receiving.

b.      Enter Purchase order number, item number, qty and unit of measure (In this case we are receiving entire 90 quantities but in box. For 90 quantities we have total of 9 box).


c.      On the next screen, enter the batch number (doesn’t have to already exist in the system), enter batch expiry date, qty and unit default from previous screen.


4.      Purchase order receiving process is complete via hand-held device.


if you run into any issues while performing above steps, please leave a comment below.