New Dynamics AX (AX 7) is web based. Its navigation layout is different than Dynamics Ax 2012.

Writing of this blog post, I am using Dynamics Ax 7 CTP8 beta version, so possible later version will have better navigation layout.

Lets explore what Current version offers us.


When we login into AX 7 web page. The first page or dashboard appears shows us multiple workspace. These workspace are depended on login user role.


Currently I am login with administrator user. So It will show all workspaces. Consider following screenshot.




Dashboards central area shows the multiple workspace links based on role of login user.


Left section contains a calendar, favorites and recently used pages. Calendar shows us current date. If click on any date, pop up message ask to change the session date.

Favorits and clander

On favorite tab, can be find all favorite page linked, which select as favorite, this feature helps user to go on specific page directly on which he most frequently works.

Next to it Recent, Here Dynamics Ax shows all forms you recently visited inside Dynamics Ax. It is some kind of history.

From right side or right section user can find all links to records which are assigned to him or her as result of workflow submission.

Assign to me



If we see top menu bar It will contains legal entry change, universal search and module menu. In below screenshot I attached different points to described in more detail.

navigation panePoint 1: If we click Dynamics Ax button, this will lead us on dashboard page or home page.

Point 2: Click on Icon pointed in 2. This will shows us pop up menu, which take us different modules and there respected forms.


Point 3: AX provide excellent search button, for example in point 3 I entered the word “Product” , a drop down shows all possible links where word product found.


Point 4: On point 4 is place where we can change legal entity

Legal entitiesPoint 5: Next item is on click we found link for task record and other option.



Now we explore on other Sales order processing and Inquiry workspace. For this we have to click on top menu and open

Sales Inquery page

On clicking that we find following workspace page open

Workspace detail

The workspace is clearly divided into three parts.

  1. Summary one is summary section.

This section shows the summary of number of issues, status, count of particular status. For example above summary section shows that currently two unconfirmed sales order, Zero confirmed sales orders and 0 partially shipped in current legal entity. This summary also contains quick links for All Sales Orders and All customers.

Summary Sections

If I click on Unconfirmed summary button this will leads to list page where unconfirmed sales orders are placed.

Sumarry details

You can also see the action pane in above screenshot, This form open as result of clicking on Unconfirmed Sales Order summary button.


  1. Second section is tab section.

Tabbed Area

Tab are shows the list, steps and do list. For example if I click on unconfirmed tab than tabbed area looks the like following screen shot.

Tabbed Details

  1. Third section in workspace is links. Where you find links for other pages which related current paged. Here you find inquiries, frequently access page links etc.




Multiple windows.

While working we usually open multiple screens, for this purpose Dynamics Ax 7 , provide a button on Action pane. Click on this button you can open multiple web pages.

Open in new window






 We can also run reports from pop up menu. Lets run sales orders per customer.

Reports menu

By clicking on “Sales Order per customer” following tab open at right side of workspace.

Report Daliog


Expand Records to Include and add filter for report

Report Dalilog details

Click on filter under “Record to Include”

Customer DEtails


Click ok and customer is selected

Customer Selection details


Click ok to run report.

Loading and loading wait for loading report for selected Sales order.

Report load

Taa taan Reports opens.

Report is runned