Besides the fact that each voucher number sequence series should be unique there is another fact you should be aware of.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has in some of the reports only space for up to 10 digits on the number sequence column / field and it cuts of the last digits of the number that’s in that field. So if your number sequence looks like this for example:

Number sequences in AX2012

Which sums up to 15 digits, your report could have BRMF18-000 in it for actually thousands of lines.

The better alternative is to shorten the company value to a minimum or have two digits represent the company and get rid of the dash as a constant and put in a unique value for e.g. GJ (for general journal) or as shown in the example below CVR (closing voucher receivable) as a constant if needed and only use alphanumeric values up to 10 digits.

Number sequences in AX2012 2


If the number sequence is out of numbers it is a better approach to set up a new number sequence and start over again as to exceed the 10 digit rule.


By Katrin Kramer, Arbela Technologies Senior Consultant

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