Due to a recent change to the Azure Service Bus the following whitepapers are no longer accurate.

 The following white papers are impacted:




In the sections titled

Creating a new Windows Azure Service Bus namespace

is not longer valid.

A update rolled on 8/24 did change the default behavior of newly created namespaces on the portal to support only SAS authentication. These steps work to create a proper service bus.

 1) Install azure PowerShell


2) Connect the azure powershell to your subscription


3) Run New-AzureSBNamespace -name SBName -location 'east us'

changing your name and location. This will create the access control site properly. You should output similar to this.

Name                  : SBName
Region                : East US
DefaultKey            : 2pRUX4K5EhE5XKvDsaS+816/Nrqzztkgur/CKsib40w=
Status                : Active
CreatedAt             : 8/26/2014 7:24:31 PM
AcsManagementEndpoint : https://SBName-sb.accesscontrol.windows.net/
ServiceBusEndpoint    : https://SBName.servicebus.windows.net/
ConnectionString      : Endpoint=sb://SBName.servicebus.windows.net/;SharedSecretIssuer=owner;SharedSecretValue=2pRUX4K5EhE5XKvDsaS+816/Nrqzztkgur/CKsib40w=

We are working to correct the official documentation.

Thanks as always.