After pay types are created and approved there will be payment lines ready for transfer to payroll. The records for payment lines are created and there is a flag on each post showing whether or not the transaction has been exported. When transferring payments from AX we use a periodic grouping by the means of Period types. This is a shared feature between many different modules and situated in the Project module. You can create your own periods and can choose from a set of different types of period intervals. I normally use the ledger type, but have created some weekly or monthly offset types of payment periods. Workers can be grouped to different payment periods. It is then possible to do different exports for different workers, so in some cases you might even have similar period types with different names (for instance if exported to different systems, but in similar periods).

Go to Time and attendance > Setup > Payroll > Period types.


After you have created a period type, make sure to generate the periods.


A period has a from and to date and a nice name to go with it.


Generate payroll file

The path for the exported file is set up at in the general Time and attendance parameters. To execute the export go to: Time and Attendance > Maintain payroll > Transfer to pay


Select a payment period and put in a pay date. The export will do an export for the period which the day resides, so if you select 04.01.2015 and the period is a Monthly type. It will export all transactions within 01.01 to 31.01. You can even retransfer transactions. This will ignore the “Transferred” flag on the payment line. The result of this is a comma separated file. The framework is made so that you can create your own type of exports.

Note: Only the pay types that are checked to be included in the export will be transferred.



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