In last part I discussed about creating custom entity. Now lets learn how to upload data in custom entity. Let me share a bit different method of uploading data then regular one using excel file or power query.

You all must be wondering why I am going through this process. Well when I created a custom entity. I downloaded its template by export data or open in excel option. Then entered data in it and tried to upload file using get data from excel option. Unfortunately, It did not worked. Each time it  was uploading file successfully with zero records inserted or updated. So, I figured out another way  to upload data.

Well for  uploading data using excel we need to go through following steps.

Step 1) Sign in to PowerApps.

Step 2) Go to Entities menu and double click on your entity.

Step 3) Click on Open in excel button to get template.

Step 4) Open the downloaded excel file and you will see excel addin for PowerApps. For new records click on New button.

Note: If you are facing issue in Sign or any error of authorization then try to sign out from powerapps add in and refresh it. It will take you back to sign in page there you can enter your credentials again.

Step 5) After adding your data now click on Publish button.

Data will uploaded successfully. You can go to your entity and verify from it by clicking on data tab.

In next part we will be learn how to create a model driven app Site Map.