As we all know that in previous post I created a new model driven app and worked on its SiteMap. Now  we will discuss about how to create a new form for this app. We can also apply business rule not only on data but as well as on forms.

So, let's begin with it.

Step 1) Sign in PowerApps.

Step 2) Open your model driven app and click on Edit.

Step 3) Click on forms and it will show you its components.  Then click on Create new button and select Main form. It will open a new window.

Step 4) Rename the form name by clicking on Form -> Form properties -> Display tab -> Enter form new name.

Step 5) Drag fields from field explorer and add in the general tab.
Step 6) Click on Save and close button.

Step 7) Now select your newly created form and save your application.

In next part we will learn how to create view for this app.