Today, I will be discussing about few of the common methods related to query and dates.

Let's begin with it.

Date  related methods 

 -  Year(date  _date) : Method will be used to get year from specified date.
-   mkdate(int _day, int _month, int _year) : Method will be used to make and return a new date
-   mthOfYr(date _date) : Method will be used to get month from the the specified date parameter.
-   dayOfMth(date _date) : Method will be used to get day of the month from the specified date parameter.

Query  related methods 

QueryBuildRange         startAndEndDateRange ;

startAndEndDateRange = this.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(EmplSickLeaveEncashment)).addRange(FieldNum(EmplSickLeaveEncashment, NextEncashDate));

Here for adding date range we can using dateRange method from SysQueryRangeUtil class.
In order to hide range we can set its status to Hidden by using method of status.