I’ve been working a lot with Dynamics 365 development in Visual Studio lately and it’s pretty straight forward to access the table browser from the Application Explorer. Since the AOT isn’t available for functional consultants anymore they have to access the table browser in a different way. So how do you access the table browser for you environment in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? Let’s take a look.

Add this to your environment URL: https://<Your AX7 environment>/Default.htm?mi=SysTableBrowser&cmp=<company>&tablename=<tablename> and hit Enter (Notice the company and tablename attributes in the URL (E.g. cmp=USMF and tablename = CustTable). This will give you the tablebrowser for the selected table and company:


You can also add the limitednav attribute to the URL (https://<Your AX7 environment>/Default.htm?mi=SysTableBrowser&cmp=<company>&tablename=<tablename>&limitednav=true) which will remove some of the navigational buttons in the top of the user interface:


You can of course save the URL’s as favorites for companies and tables you frequently visits. Awesome feature if the solution you are working on has a great number of companies.