Updated 30-06-2012 official beta version available here: http://informationsource.dynamics.com/RFPServicesOnline/Rfpservicesonline.aspx?ToolName=Microsoft+Dynamics+AX+2012+Combine+XPO+Tool+Beta+1.0

Updated 14-01-2011 to support UniCode XPO files. Notice the change in parameters.

So now you are using version control - and you just realized the master is no longer the AOD layer file, but instead a zillion of XPO files. Still you want to provide an AOD file to your consumers, as that is the way to deploy an AX application.

Page 96 in Inside Dynamics AX 2009 contains a description on how to build an AOD file from XPO files. In this section an SDK and a tool are mentioned. While we are working on providing you with the SDK for building a layer file, I can make the CombineXPOs.exe tool available.

See the attached file.

Usage: CombineXPOs.exe -XpoDir XPOfolder -CombinedXpoFile DestinationFile.xpo -utf8

Example: CombineXPOs.exe -XpoDir USR -CombinedXpoFile myFile.xpo

Files in the XPOFolder folder must match the AOT structure. This is automatically ensured when using AX version control integration.

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