7546EN_cov A new development book has been published by Packt.

If you are developing with Dynamics AX 2012, you’ll need this book. For two reasons. Firstly, as you’ll need to deal with services. Secondly, because it is a great book.

The book is 200 pages, and it does a great job of explaining how to build and how to consume services.


I think the book is great for several reasons:

  • It is technical. The level of contents and technical depth is comparable to Inside Dynamics AX 2012.
  • It is unique. The contents is written for this book. You will not find it anywhere else.
  • It is self-contained. Whenever a concept is used, it will be explained – even when it is not directly related to services. So be prepared for excursions to the lands of CIL, WCF, Runbase, AX Security, Visual Studio, UI builders etc.
  • It is actionable. Each chapter shows step-by-step, line-by-line what to do in various scenarios. Urging you to try it out yourselves.
  • It is opinionated. I’m not sure how they managed, but the book somehow captures the atmosphere we had when building AX 2012 – we knew we were on to something special. The book deals out appraisals where due, and explains why AX 2012 is a huge leap forward for services.
  • It is jovial. The tone in the book is welcoming and direct – I think the most used word is “you”. This is quite refreshing for a technical book.


A big “Thank You!” to the team behind the book for increasing the AX community’s knowledge: Klaas Deforche, Kenny Saelen, Palle Agermark, José Antonio Estevan and Tom Van Dyck.