With the release of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 8.0 the customization model has not just been changed, it has been replaced. Since version 7.0 we have gradually been enabling more and more customizations scenarios through extensions, while nudging developers away from editing Microsoft code using overlayering. The roadmap was announced about a year ago, and today I'm excited we have reached the important milestone: You can only customize Microsoft models using extensions!

Over 3 releases we have been adding thousands of extensibility points in the application. See these pages for details:

We've also made X++ the most extensible language on the planet (according to a trusted source) – to enable many extension scenarios without requiring refactoring or explicit extension points in the application.

It has been a quite aggressive time line to provide the features and capabilities needed to get to a better place. When the project started I felt overwhelmed by the complexity, ambiguity and potential – from the many meetings I've had with partners, customers, engineers and other interested parties, I learned these feelings were mutual. Thanks for all the support, guidance, feedback and challenges so far – keep them coming, without the interactions we would not have reached this milestone.

The engineer in me had a thrill a few weeks back. Flipping the sealing bit on ApplicationSuite, was just a small change for an engineer, one giant shift for all of us.

What's next?

The goal remains to get all customers on latest release; always.

8.0 is an important milestone on the journey, as we've now removed the need for code upgrade. But there is more. We need to keep adding extensibility points, we need to ensure backwards compatibility, we need to get solutions on AppSource, we need to get customers live on 8.0.