New extensibility requests can now be submitted using Lifecycle Services.  See the documentation below for details:


Some advice when logging requests:

  1. Don't ask for something that is already there.
    We resolve 200-600 requests per month – chances are your request has already been fulfilled in latest release. See What's new, or deploy the latest version.
  2. Understand what is already possible.
    By now X++ is the most extensible language on the planet. Do not ask for something that is already possible.
  3. Quality in – quality out
    Make sure to log enough details for us to resolve the request in a single pass. Requests come in two categories – those we can fix immediately, as they are logged with all the details we need. These we just burn down. And then the category where we must reach out for clarification, and often end up doing qualified guesses. These take significantly longer, often by an order of magnitude. Conversely; if all requests are logged with high quality we'd have no problem satisfying them all.

  4. Keep the goal in mind
    The purpose of this costly exercise is not to get rid of overlayered code. It is to provide a service where all customers are running on the latest version always. Please find alternative to intrusive customizations, and don't log futile requests.