Quick one today! How to link a SQL SPID back to a Dynamics user in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations on-premises. You use this when, for example, you have a blocking SQL process, and you want to know which user in the application triggered it - this allows you to look up the blocking SPID and find out which user.

Run this SQL:

select cast(context_info as varchar(128)) as ci,* from sys.dm_exec_sessions where session_id > 50 and login_name = 'axdbadmin'

First column, shows the Dynamics user. It's much like it was in AX2012, except you don't need to go set a registry key first.

You can do the same thing in the Cloud version, but there you don't need to do it in TSQL because in LCS you can go to Monitoring and "SQL Now" tab where you can see SPID to user for running SQL.