If you have a local VHD deployed on LAN and you want to perform ‘Export to Excel’ using any standard form, you may face error (as demonstrated).

It does not matter even if you have provided IP address of LAN in web.config and also you have setup azure emulator configuration to your local IP. The system will try to push files at

I came into this glitch few days ago and thanks to Lane Swenka who provided me great hint. ‘Azure storage account’

It is easy to setup a new azure storage account in any region you want.



Once you are done with that take the connection string and update your web.config() with updated connection string for key named as AzureStorage.StorageConnectionString.



Here, next image shows, how it looks when you paste it in web.config for application.

You will need to decrypt and encypt back again your Web.config. Once done with that, paste your configuration file back to webroot. That’s it, ‘Export to Excel’ will work perfectly over LAN as well as on local VHD.

Please note that all my testing was with App version 7.3 PU12.