Nothing technical or something x++ coding today.

Every other day you see young people who want to come into AXAPTA. The few questions you face are like.


  • I have started working into Dynamics AX, recommend me some books.
  • I have joined this new company and I want you to help me in…. everything.


No mate, it’s not one day journey. Never! It takes time! Simple as that.

I want to share, my story just for inspiration and not for show off. When I started I was thinking to quit after 8 days. One of my seniors sitting on my left side went “Wait, please, it takes time, give yourself some time. It will be okay in few months”


When we come after finishing college or university, we have bookish knowledge and working in any enterprise system is about knowing it. If someone walks to me says s/he wants a transfer order report, unless I don’t know what a transfer order is and what are the tables behind that process being used, I cannot answer confidently. Coming from C#/Java background I might think to start developing a new table for Transfer Orders but that’s not how it works in enterprise systems. Unless you don’t know whats is there already, you might go wrong.


Knowing exiting systems is important and it takes years. It does not comes in a day or week.

Key is patience and spending hours and nights on it. I used to sleep in office, back in days when I started. The cleaner used to wake me up after 3, 4 hours of sleep at 6 AM. You have to spend nights on this. There is no shortcut. I am sorry if this is disappointing. It takes time.


There is not any book that can teach all business process. Object oriented programming cannot teach the business process, Algorithm analysis cannot teach business process, similarly cannot the MatLab. Time can.


Take your time and it will be okay with time. Love it and spend hours on one thing. Know it from end to end. Know its data structure and know how business process works. Go slow and go deep. Minimum it would take a decade to be at a class!! Yes sounds hard but it cannot be 1 month.


Last but not least, it always changes after few years. What you know today will be vanished in few years. Keep in touch. Keep exploring. Never stop.


The only hurdle between a person and success, is that person. Decide from heart and that will be done.


I wish you all young folks a great forthcoming!


It takes time!! Take your time.