Dear Dynamics 365 Lovers,

If we are supporting / implementing in Polish localization, we need to be aware of some recent issues in fixed asset module while creating depreciation proposal.

Lets explore together.

It can have two business scenarios~

1: In Polish Localization, business can use standard depreciation method, such as Straight line method- and for this, there will be no issue.

2: However,  In Polish Localization, business can use Polish Localization depreciation method, such as ReducingBalance_PL & StraightLinePercentage_PL, on this scenario, there is an issue and an error is experienced.

Affected Depreciation methods are as follows, also I have added the exact error text  below.



Even though the error seems a show stopper, luckily its not, which means, you/business user can continue and post the journal, THATS A GOOD NEWS!!

Microsoft already fixed this BUG in 10.0.14 and can be avoided this error from there.

And this is happening because of the below remarks by PG team.

Validates while calculating depreciation proposal if depreciation date is null then need not find previous month of this day.

I hope this will be useful for you.



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