It's not always easy to make sense of some common errors when deploying a new Dynamics AX build VM from Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). If your deployment fails , but the build VM is accessible, the failure is most often caused by configuration requirements of Visual Studio Team Systems (VSTS).

What to do: Remote desktop to the VM and browse the error logs located under C:\DynamicsAX\Run-CommandALMServiceInstallALM_I0_R0\Output

Here's a table that may help you make sense of some typical errors.

Configuration requirements on VSTS


Typical Error Message

Administrative rights on the Build Agent Pool


Administrative rights in VSTS for the user deploying a build agent from LCS.

Access denied. <User Name> needs Manage permissions for pool Default to perform the action. For more information, contact the Team Foundation Server administrator.

Agent Pool Capacity


By default, VSTS enables you to create one build agent for free. The capability to create multiple agents in VSTS requires you to connect VSTS to an Azure subscription (Azure billing) and buy more agents.

No more private agent slots available, please purchase more. For more information visit: Current max: 1  Xaml Controllers: 0  Build Agents: 1

Agent Pool Name



There is a default pool created as soon as the VSTS account is created. If you are specifying a custom pool name in LCS, please ensure you have created the pool in VSTS before scheduling deployment from LCS.


For example: User specified the pool name ContosoBuildPool in LCS


Unable to find an agent pool with the name: ContosoBuildPool