If you are adding a Power PI report to a form using a form extension, you may find this handy.


Steps to add a tab page with a Power BI report control via form extension:

  1. Create form extension with a tab page and group control under it.
    • Both the tab page and the group control have the following property settings: Auto Declaration = Yes, Hide If Empty = No
  2. Extend the pageActivated method on the tab page control using Chain of Command (CoC)

Here's an example that extends the FMClerkWorkspace form.

(In step 1, I named the tab page on the form extension is MyAnalytics. I named the Power BI group control MyPowerBIReportGroup.)

[ExtensionOf(formControlStr(FMClerkWorkspace, MyAnalytics))]

final class FMClerkWorkspace_Extension


    public void pageActivated()


        next pageActivated();

        PBIReportHelper::initializeReportControl('FMPBIReports', element.MyPowerBIReportGroup);