Workspaces is a pretty cool feature in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO). As you probably know, D365FO comes with a number of pre-built workspaces, but it is so much nicer to create your own personal workspace, isn’t it? Yes it is! So here goes…

To get cracking we need to go to the dashboard, right-click and select Personalize. This brings up this form:

Create new workspace

Click on the + Add workspace option. This automatically creates a new workspace tile on the dashboard:

My workspace 1

You can now right-click on the tile and give the workspace tile a more appropriate name. In my example, I name the workspace “My customer workspace”.

For now, the workspace is totally blank, so I need to go and add some content.

Firstly, I go to the All customers screen and filter on wholesale customers (customer group = 10) as shown in the following screenshot:

Wholesales customers filter

By clicking on Options in the ribbon and selecting Add to workspace, I can now select the “My customers workspace” I created earlier. I now have the option to add the customer query to the workspace as a tile, a list or a hyperlink. In this case, it would make sense to add it as a list.

As the following screen shows, I now get an opportunity to customise the list before it is created in the workspace:

Add as list.PNG

I can choose to have a simple list (3 columns) or a tabular list (8 columns) and select the fields I would like to display.

Opening the “My customers workspace” from the dashboard, the list has now been added:

Workspace with list

Similarly, I would like to see customers with debt past due as a tile in my workspace, so I go to the Customers past due menu point in the Accounts receivable module. When I add this query to the workspace as a tile, I am given the option of showing a count of customers in the tile:

Customers past due

The resulting workspace now looks like this:

Workspace with list and tile.PNGIf you choose, you can now add PowerBI components to the workspace using the Open report catalog menu point in Options on the ribbon.

So far, I have not found a way to add normal (SSRS) reports to the workspace as a hyperlink.

This was a very short introduction to how you can create your own personal workspace in D365FO. And yes, it really is that simple.