If it has escaped your attention, Microsoft has now added a new field called Product lifecycle state to products in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO).

With this field, we are now able to determine where a product is in its lifecycle.

As the following screenshot shows, the Product lifecycle state field is placed in the General fast tab in the Released products details screen.


The product lifecycle state is selected from a predefined list. The list is configured under Product information management / Setup / Product lifecycle state.


As the above example shows, a product lifecycle state only contains two control fields namely:

  • Default when released to legal entity.
  • Is active for planning.

The first parameter, if set to yes, makes the system populate the product lifecycle state of a product with the State value on the record. In this case, any newly released product will have product lifecycle state set to “Released”.

The second parameter determines whether products with this product lifecycle state are included in the master planning.

It is worth noting that the product lifecycle state is assigned to the released product – not the company-wide product master.

And that is about it. For now, the functionality is relatively limited but certainly a step in the right direction.

Microsoft has provided further documentation on product lifecycle state here.