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Need Information on certificates

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Vishal Jevtani asked a question on 23 Apr 2018 3:00 AM
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Hi All,

We are in phase of deploying Finance and Operations. We have a few questions, that we are unable to figure out answers from the Microsoft Documentation. 

  1. Documents mentions around 11 certificates, do all of these have to be from a CA authority (talking about Production) ?
  2. What shall be the minimum number of certificates and what certificates can be used for multiple purposed? e.g. Can we use the adfs certificate for the LocalAgent or reporting or MR?
  3.   If we use Self-Signed certificates for some of the certificates, like session authentication , Data signing, Data encryption, certificate will expire after an year, is there any possibility to update the certificate without having to redeploy or reconfigure the whole SF Cluster and every thing?
  4. is there any configuration window for Finance and Operations we can use to change any kind of setting ? like the one we have in CRM


Martin Dráb responded on 23 Apr 2018 11:41 AM

This question is about on-premises deployments, right?

Vishal Jevtani responded on 23 Apr 2018 1:45 PM
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Yes Martin. This is about on premise

kashifvirgoo responded on 13 Aug 2018 2:07 AM

Have you been able to get the answers, I am also looking into possibility of updating expired SSL certificates

Vishal Jevtani responded on 10 Sep 2018 1:43 AM
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Hi Kashif,

as far as I have discussed these topics, updating SSL certificate is only possible through re-deployment.


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